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Hydraulic Fault Diagnosis of Metal Packer

The diagnostic method of fuzzy logic is a new diagnostic method proposed by virtue of the fuzzy membership relation in fuzzy mathematics. It is mainly used in the comprehensive fault diagnosis of multi-characteristic parameters. In the working process of hydraulic system, the dynamic signals of system and components are mostly uncertain and ambiguous, so the fault of hydraulic system of waste paper baler has both certainty and ambiguity, and the two different types of faults are intertwined and closely linked. It is also reasonable to describe many fault symptoms with fuzzy concepts, such as strong or weak vibration, serious eccentricity, high pressure, severe wear and tear, etc. For the same series or components, the dynamic parameters of waste paper packer are different under different working conditions and operating conditions. Therefore, the evaluation of waste paper packer can only be reasonably evaluated within a certain range, that is, fuzzy classification. By discussing the fuzziness of hydraulic system faults and finding appropriate diagnostic methods, it is helpful to correctly describe the true state of faults and reveal their essential characteristics.

Fuzzy reasoning method of baler adopts IF-THEN form, which conforms to human thinking mode. At the same time, the fuzzy diagnosis method does not need to establish an accurate mathematical model of the system, which is particularly suitable for non-linear systems, so it has been applied and developed in the fault diagnosis of hydraulic systems. The disadvantage of fuzzy fault diagnosis method is that it is very difficult to establish correct fuzzy rules and membership functions for complex diagnosis system, and it takes a long time. Therefore, generally speaking, the fuzzy method is combined with other methods in order to get better results.



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